About vertical.solar

Started by Over Easy Solar in January 2022, the vertical.solar research project develops data and knowledge necessary for developing the first commercial product by Over Easy Solar: the light weight, vertically mounted bifacial PV unit. As this is a new combination of PV components there are knowledge gaps regarding the technology. This project aims at developing a better understanding of the performance of this unique PV system, of the response to different external environmental factors on the performance of the VPV units and of optimizing the VPV units. The project is divided into four different workpackages: WP1 energy yield, WP2 wind load, WP3 materials & durability and WP4 product sustainability. Project partners are Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.

Project meeting, Oslo, 2023


April 2022

Initial PVsyst model developed and verified for OES VPV product

April 2023

Computational fluid dynamics simulations performed

July 2023

First LCA analysis done on OES VPV system

August 2023

Simulation of mechanical strain from wind load on mounting structure

January 2023

Wind tunnel tests and analysis done 

May 2023

Energy yield results  presented at the Norwegian Solar Cell Conference in Son, Norway

July 2023

Hail testing done on OES panels

September 2023

Modeling and energy yield results presented at the 2023 EU PVSEC in Lisboa, Portugal


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